A basic overview of some of our kits

 sandrail kit vw

 When we designed our kits we had three main considerations.   Strength, simplicity, and value for money.

As petrolheads ourselves,  we want to be able to share the fun, so we have evolved the kits to be ever easier to build, and cheaper to purchase.    

So many kits out there seem cheap when you look at the base kit price, but the cost really adds up when you consider all the extras needed to complete the car.   Our kits are not like that,

Take for example one of our range of beetle based sandrails.


You  strip the body off your donor beetle, and you reuse just about everything, fuel tank, steering, even switches and wiring loom if you want.   All you need to add are lights.

Because the beetle chassis remains unaltered you avoid the huge cost and hassle of the IVA test, and require only an MOT.  

There is no simpler or cheaper kit in the world - And it is immensely strong compared to se7en style kits and the like, and capable of a multitude of roles, on road, off road, beach cruising and expedition work. 

The Land Rover based kits follow the same ethos.

land rover buggy