Our long history of custom cage and chassis design continues, both for individuals and manufacturers

For more years than we care to remember now we have been heavily involved in twisting steel into cages and spaceframes to suit our clients needs, either as a one off or short production runs. 

We still offer the same great service as ever for the enthusiast or small business, with the addition now of our new CAD CAM facility we can offer limited production runs, and continuous development to small kit car and motorsport companies. 


Working to any motorsport standard, or regulation specification as a one off item is our forte, adaptable for single cages or limited runs, we can data store your specified design once we have made it for future purchases or production runs.    This is a popular option for car clubs, track day buddies, and other groups of enthusiasts, who save on production costs for a bespoke cage when they order second and further cages.  Military projects, expedition, and classic motorsport,we build to to specification and to order.   

We also build and fit leather trimmed custom cages for luxury and super cars to order.   A unique and more subtle touch that does not detract from a prestige interior but rather compliments it.  

Frames and cages are available from us for many vehicles from stock.   We do prefer to fit to your vehicle if we can, just so we know the job is done to the specification you require, with all the right tools, and a team that has expertise in this field. 


beach buggy cage 

 beach buggy cage


 tube welding rollcage


 buggy spaceframe


buggy cage 

buggy cage 

buggy side bars