Registering for the road, vehicle excise duty, insurance etc

rail sandrail buggy 

Frequently asked questions

Are these cars road legal?

Yes.  We have developed our Vw based vehicles specifically with a quick and easy road registration in mind.

 How is this done?

The whole chassis and all the mechanical components are used, completely unaltered. If necessary, you could simply unblot the sandrail frame and bolt the beetle body back on. This enables a simple check with the DVLA to be carried out to verify the vehicles ID.  Sometimes the V5 will be altered to body type "cross country" or "4 x 4" sometimes they allow you to choose a name.   We perform this service before the vehicle is sold so you are sure of its legality heritage etc.   

What about Road tax? 

Many beetles registered as historic so are road tax exempt. You still have to display a disc, but it is free!  If we cannot source a tax free chassis then road tax is the normal PLG car rate.

What about Insurace, it isnt a normal car so surely I wont be able to get it?

Many specialist insurers will insure you to drive one of these on a kit or special policy very much cheaper than a normal car.   This is often as a second car policy but you will need to find a specialist insurer such as Adrian Flux.    Typical quotes are between £100 - £160 for 12 months

Can I buy these as a kit to build myself?

We have just started to offer these in kit form at discounted prices, check out the online shop for details

How do I buy one?

Well that's easy, you can simply click the button in our online shop!   there is a facility to pay outright or to leave a deposit.   Of course, you can also pay us  by any other method, just get hold of us for a chat, online, email or phone.     You can get Mark on 07788 293198 anytime.