Here is a quick and simple overview of how the rails are constructed.

Recipe for a Rail



One VW beetle

One spaceframe augment chassis

Two seats

Electrics and switches to taste





Take some spanners and remove the Beetle body from the chassis.   This may require the addition of a sprinkling of swearing, hammers, and grinding to add spice.

Once the body has been thoroughly beaten, remove and dispose of carefully.  Your local pikey should be able to help you with this.


beetle chassis floorpan 


You will be left with a rolling chassis with all the mechanical components in place.   As we are not French, will not be simply applying a cheap plastic garnish but we will be using a healthy dollop of good old British steel.  


rail frame 


Simply add the steel to the chassis and bolt down.  


lightweight sandrail 



Bolt the steering wheel on

Put the seats in

Connect fuel line and a wire to the battery and ignition

Now get in and drive.

It is very easy at this stage to burn rubber, but this rarely affects taste, in fact it can enhance the final presentation considerably.